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Case of easy fracture tendency (Osteogenesis Imperfecta) operated multiple times, repeatedly failed, treated predictably

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    This 16 year old was normal till the age of 12 years when he started breaking his bones rather easily. He was diagnosed to have a rare disease called osteogenesis Imperfecta, where the person has a genetic defect leading to easy fracturing of bones.

    He was operated multiple times, outside. But every time he was operated, he would re-fracture the same bone above the previous plate. This made him bed bound for almost 2 years. When we saw him, he had three fresh fractures in 3 out of 4 main bones of the leg. The fourth one was crooked.

    It was decided to straighten the crooked bone, and treat all the other fractured ones with rods. Rods have advantage over plates, as these, not only help in healing in good position, but also prevent further fractures. He is on way to recovery.