• Sai Ditta Saluja - Visited For Knee Replacement

    Dr. Vikram Mhaskar is friendly & very polite. Problem was very well explained. We are very happy & satisfied with treatment & behaviour of doctor & staff.

  • Humapati Devi - Visited For Shoulder Pain

    Very good experience with the Dr. Vikram Mhaskar, also staff is vary good.

  • Zille Huma Awan - Visited For Shoulder Pain

    Dr. Vikram Mhaskar demeanour makes the patient forget the pain almost immediately upon entering his clinic.He is very calm and comforting.

  • Sami - Visited For Knee Replacement

    Very much polite friendly and explained in detail problem and diagnosis, treatment pros and con's over three/four sessions. Dr. Vikram Mhaskar is very competent, explains in details the problem, treatment and other queries of the patient till patient is satisfied and thus win faith of the patient.

  • Abdul Khaliq - Visited For Knee Replacement

    Dr. Vikram Mhaskar experience was awsmmm ....we all agree with Dr. Vikram Mhaskar treatment and hospital was also good .,....thnk u so much Dr. Vikram Mhaskar.....

  • Rita Devi Patella ORIF - Visited For Fracture Treatment

    Dr. Vikram Mhaskar is very friendly and helpful by nature and also able to understand the nature of illness and explained it very politely. Before stating and after surgery he is able to explain in detail about the nature of treatment. Very friendly by nature and by profession.

  • Ravinder Awal- Visited For Fracture Treatment

    Fortunate to have got the surgery done by such a fine doctor. My entire family is delighted with the way Dr. Vikram Mhaskar has handled my case!

  • Jitender- Visited For Knee Braces For Osteoarthritis, Arthroscopy

    Everything was good and up to the mark. Dr. Vikram Mhaskar guided me very well from beginning and still he is. Overall a nice experience for me.

  • Akshya Bhayana - Visited For ACL Reconstruction

    Doctor was good, friendly, polite. Yes my problem and diagnosis was explained in detail. Doctor was good in nature and explained the problems nicely. He motivated me too much and was anytime available on phone. It was a good experience with doctor.

  • Nishchay Lawrence - Visited For Arthroscopy

    Our doctor was Dr. J. Maheshwari who was really very efficient, courteous and patient. He explained the medical problem to us in very clear and precise terms giving us all the available options to work on. His treatment of the problem has been highly effective and reliable apart from being impressively predictive. Both my parents and myself have become his fans for life. One more thing I would like to add and that is Dr. Maheshwari's excellent communicative skills which impressed us all very greatly. My dad who is an English Examiner says he gives him full marks for his impressive use of the language!

    Last but not the least, Ms. Pramila including the staff handled us in a friendly and professional manner looking after all our needs during our short stay at 'Sitaram Bharati'. God bless you all abundantly!

  • Mangal D. Kokane - Visited For Rotator Cuff Injury Treatment

    Dr. J. Maheshwari and support staff has been friendly throughtout the admission and treatment process. We have discussed the issue of shoulder pain with doctor for which a surgery was suggested after careful consideration. Looks like surgery has been done neatly and we look forward for speedy recovery. Dr. J. Maheshwari gives us full confidence about full recovery which is a good part!! I must say that this experience has been good especially when you have a tense medical situation to face.
    Thanks Dr. J. Maheshwari, Coordinator Pramila and entire hospital staff!!!!

  • Tabish Bin Manzoor - Visited For ACL Reconstruction

    The overall experience was excellent especially the treatment I got from Dr. J. Maheshwari. I met an RTA long 4 years ago in Kashmir and i was treated by many orthopedicians constantly. But my Uncle Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad was highly inspired by Maheshwari Sir and he admired his experience in this suergical process. My uncle always motivated me to undergo my surgery only by such great personality who has more than 30 years of experience in this field. I would recommend my relatives and friends who suffer from any orthopedic issues to Maheshwari Sir. My surgical procedure went awesome with an appropriate anesthetical process. Hopefully everything will go well and it will prove successful to me.

  • Ojas Goel

    It was an good experience with the doctor . One of the previous diagnosis by a different doctor recommended surgery for the pattela subluxation. But Dr. J. Maheshwari recomended its not a major subluxation issue and he suggested to make the kid wear knee cap , the pain and problem should mitigate with time and there is no need for the surgery.

  • Yonas Tegen - Visited For Arthroscopy, Shoulder SLAP (Tear) Lesions

    Excellent experience with the doctor and his staff. He was professionally very competent. He provided very good explanation of the problem and the solution. Excellent bedside mannersi would recommend him with full confidence to family, friends and collogues.

  • Suresh Gupta

    Better experience. I was suggested for Dr. J. Maheshwari by Dr. A K Ganjoo (Cardio Surgeon of Apollo Hospital). After meeting with Dr. J. Maheshwari I felt better and have fully confidence on him. At the time of checking of my Right Shoulder, he clearly told me about the problem before doing MRI. I have full confidence on him.

  • Anindita mukharjee

    It was very good. He explained to us the options available in detail and why he was going for repair and not reconstruction. He also told us beforehand that he would take a final call in the OT. We were educated, advised and guided all through. A very satisfying experience.

  • Namita Gupta - Visited For Knee Dislocation

    I can say only one word, WONDERFUL. Dr. Jitendra Maheshwari is a class and doing welfare for mass. i visited many doctors but they could not catch my problem, but this doctor caught even without any X-ray and other report, later X-rays confirmed the same.

  • Ashok Chopra - Visited For Knee Replacement

    The experience was very good and satisfactory as the doctor is very good and has vast knowledge of his field which satisfies the patient. I would surely recommend Dr. J. Maheshwari to everyone of the similar needs.we are very happy with the treatment given to us by the doctor which was up to the mark. He has never taken us to the wrong path and has directed us well.

  • Shalini Gupta - Visited For Arthroscopy

    It was very satisfactory in terms of understanding the problem to start with. He is the fifth doctor whom I visited for this problem and first to understand it. Rest four doctors were not even able to figure out the problem. The operation went well and the staff was very supportive. I would like to thank the doctor and the entire staff for the support.

  • Sailesh Sharma - Visited For Shoulder SLAP (Tear) Lesions

    When I first started going to Shoulder Clinic my shoulder was so screwed up that I dreaded putting on a jacket or a backpack and was having problems sleeping. Dr Maheshwari asked me to MRI of my shoulder. Then he Handed over me to Dr. Sonal Chugh, Physiotherepist. She got me started on some physical therapy with her assistant Preeti. I started seeing/feeling results real fast. Simple stretches and light weight work got me mobility and strength back.

  • Quazi Qumrul Islam - Visited For ACL Reconstruction

    I found the doctor outstanding. He is very knowledgeable and professional in dealing with the patients. As a result I became confident to undergo the operation under his disposal. The operation was a successful one and I am glad that I came to him for treatment. I hope this relationship will continue and people will come to him for a fair and successful treatment in the near future.

  • Mrs. Kamlesh Chaudhary - Visited For Prolotherapy

    Dr. J. Maheshwari was very friendly and polite. The problem and diagnosis was explained very clearly and in detail.Yes the prescribed treatment appears to be effective. 1We had a very good experience at Sitaram Bhartia hospital. Dr. J. Maheshwari his team n other support staff at the hospital are excellenThe facilities at the hospital are excellent.

  • Mr. Pankaj Arora - Visited For Arthroscopy

    We got admitted here yesterday for arthroscopy as advised by Dr. J. Maheshwari. I appreciate the help n support given to us by the entire staff during our stay. However small a procedure may be but a helping hand and concern for the patient's well being goes a long way and is always very reassuring. Under Dr. Maheshwari's expertise and fine wisdom, I m very hopeful of an early recovery. My sincere thanks to the entire team of this hospital as my entire experience has been very satisfying.

  • Mrs. Renu Sharma - Visited For Arthroscopy

    He is the most brilliant doctor we have ever seen. He is the best for shoulder and its surgery. After my mother's surgery, he very well explained about the surgery done and its position. It is quite visible that the doctor is the most experienced in his job and also treats and suggests the patients well.

    Thank you so much, Sir... :)

  • Shrey Tatke - Visited For Arthroscopy

    The experience at the doctor's clinic has been good but we feel that the processes at the hospital are slow. There is a lot of follow up required even after the doctor has advised certain things. If the attending and nursing services can be prompt it would help the patient and their attendants.

  • Kanak Khandelwal

    As always Dr. J. Maheshwari is kind and courteous and give unbiased opinion,advise and treatment not having any commercial issue on his priority. It makes him distinctive from others. Wishing blessings in his hands to cure and to keep patients smiles.

  • Mohd Iqbal Shawl TKR Op - Visited For Knee Replacement

    Overall Very good service

    Appointments were available on time and encouraging and stimulating .all the best and thanks for the support

  • Ashivika - Visited For Fracture Treatment

    Dr. J. Maheshwari was very courteous and helpful. He made me feel very comfortable . The surgery was done to perfection. I thank him for being so patient and understanding.

  • Meera Mehra - Visited For Shoulder SLAP (Tear) Lesions

    Very well taken care of. Dr. J. Maheshwari is very helpful and puts the patient at ease and explains everything methodically. Very very satisfied.