Re-Doing Failed Knee Surgery

Re-Doing Failed Knee Surgery

The clinic has become a referral center for cases where their first operation did not succeed. Such patients often take advice from multiple doctors. Because of complexity of treatment, and unpredictable results, they are often ignored, and present to us late.

Over the years, we have become expert on re-doing failed knee surgeries. Patients are referred from all over India. Such cases need thorough evaluation with x-rays and scans. It needs a lot of planning in treatment. Often these operations are done in more than one stage. They need long periods of physiotherapy. Some examples of such cases is as shown below.

This 35 year old man was referred to us from Rajasthan (300 Km away). He sustained a seemingly simple fracture at the back of the knee, called Hoffa’s fracture. The same was operated by the local doctor, who considered it simple, with the help of two screws. The fracture got displaced while under care, and he developed deformity and was unable to walk. The reason was again, the first surgeon could not realize the nitty-gritty of the fracture.

It required opening from the back of the knee, which is a difficult and sensitive area of the knee because the blood vessels supplying the leg lies in that area. It needed surgery from front and back.

We took him up for surgery, removed the screws from front, and then turned the patient over. We could successfully reposition the fracture, and fix it with plate and screws. We could bend his knee fully on the operation table itself. The patient could move his knee the very next day, and reached a nearly normal knee in 4 months.