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Knee & Shoulder Clinic was established in 2002 as a one-of-its-kind centre specialising in knee and shoulder problems. The motto of the clinic has been "patient-centric approach". The surgeons are fully trained and accomplished in all aspects of knee and shoulder surgery. They have been providing quality care for over 30 years.

Dr. J Maheshwari

Dr. J. Maheshwari

Commonwealth Fellow (UK)
Former Director of Orthopaedics at Max Smart Superspeciality Hospital Saket, New Delhi, India
Knee & Shoulder Specialist

Did his initial training at AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Science) New Delhi and then in the UK. Formerly a Professor at AIIMS, he specilaises in knee and shoulder surgery.
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Dr. Vikram  Mhaskar

Dr. Vikram Mhaskar

MBBS, MS Ortho, MCh Ortho (UK)
Fellowship Knee Surgery (Australia, France)
Former Consultant Knee & Shoulder Surgeon Max Smart Superspeciality Hospital Saket, New Delhi India

Is an exclusive knee and shoulder surgeon. He did his initial training at St Johns Medical College Bangalore and then his superspeciality training in Knee & Shoulder surgery at Dundee (UK), Sydney (Australia) and Lyon Read More »

All Knee and Shoulder problem treated under one roof

Knee Treatment

Whole gamut of knee surgery from replacement, arthroscopy (Keyhole surgery) to trauma and deformity correction.

Shoulder Treatment

Pioneers in Shoulder replacement, arthroscopy (keyhole surgery) and trauma with a minimally invasive approach.

What Our Patients Say About Us

-Kanak Khandelwal

As always Dr. J. Maheshwari is kind and courteous and give unbiased opinion, advise and treatment not having any commercial issue on his priority. It makes him distinctive from others. Wishing blessings in his hands to cure and to keep patients smiles.

-Suresh Gupta

Better experience. I was suggested for Dr. J. Maheshwari by Dr. A K Ganjoo (Cardio Surgeon of Apollo Hospital). After meeting with Dr. J. Maheshwari I felt better and have fully confidence on him. At the time of checking of my Right Shoulder, he clearly told me about the problem before doing MRI. I have full confidence on him.

-Zille Huma Awan

Dr. Vikram Mhaskar demeanour makes the patient forget the pain almost immediately upon entering his clinic. He is very calm and comforting.

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Advanced shoulder replacement for a serious shoulder fracture problem

March 2021

Unhealed shoulder fracture is an uncommon problem. If it happens in younger people, operating and making the fracture heal is a logical solution. In people, a little older and those with severe muscle deficiency, the approach of making them heal does not work. In such cases, a special type of shoulder replacement called reverse shoulder replacement is done. This is what was done for this 60 year old lady with failed healing of fracture of the shoulder.

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