Shoulder fractures

Fractures of the ball of the shoulder is a common injury.  It results from fall on the out-stretched hand, and also in traffic accidents. There are two diverse groups in which this injury occurs – one young active person, and the other and elderly person.  The treatment varies from non-operative to operative. depending upon the age and the functional requirement. Non operative treatment done for minimally displaced fractures by keeping the arm in a sling for 3 weeks. Operative treatment is required for displaced fractures, particularly in young and active people. The extent of operation depends upon the type of fracture and experience of the surgeon. In its mildest form, it may be just fixing the fracture with 2 mm steel wires drilled into the bone via skin, without cutting the fracture open (per-cutaneous fixation). This leaves no scar, no implants inside, and is less painful. It is suitable for only some types of fractures. We have vast experience of treating all kind of fractures by this minimal cutting technique.

The other option is to open the fracture and internally fix it with the help of sutures or plate and bolts. Recent locking plates have come to be a very useful implant for treating these complex fractures. In extreme cases, where the ball breaks into multiple pieces, and it is not possible to put them together, replacement of the head may become necessary.

Pre-op- x-ray